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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  January 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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iew with piers morgan on gun control. has a show a channel on youtube, also successful with hundreds of millions of views. his message is resonating with some. now i asked him about what is this global conspiracy that he often talks about? what is at the heart of it? we talk about that and we talk about jon stewart and piers morgan. >> we're becoming an authoritarian country. we're entering a distopic nightmare and i yell and scream to get people out of their trans. that's why i do it on purpose.
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get people out of the transthat they're under. >> cenk: alex, when you are concerned about government and its reach into our private lives, and violation of our rights like the mdaa, i'm just as concerned. i hear you. but when you talk about the global conspiracy, you lose me. it doesn't mean that i'm right you're wrong but i think to a lot of people it's going to seem a little unbelievable. so flesh it out for me. including to me, honestly, it seems unbelievable to me. who is it that wants to do this distopia? who are these puppet masters whoever they are, how many are there, and why do they want to kill us. i don't get that part. >> well, the time i interfered him he was the head of the kissinger group. you should interview him. he said he tried to come on my
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show to convince me that global government is the way to go. there are 20 families who own it they're mopping up the final countries that were sovereign and bringing in world government. there are thousands of articles in the times of london, "newsweek," "time" magazine, announceing global government run by technocrats. and if they're successful with their new world order people are going to wish later they would have listened and stopped this. these are 170 iq top scientists hired by the robber baron families. all of them, on record, those old names. >> cenk: i want to ask you a question about how you're perceived when you say that, but i want to say it in conjunction with you're appearance on the piers morgan show. i'll show it to you and i want your reaction. >> why do you want to deport me.
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>> 17,176 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. the republican will rise again. come to america. i'll take you out shooting. you can become an american and join the republic. >> how many great white sharks kill every year but are scared to swim. how many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin. i'll wear red, white, and blue and you can wear your jolly roger. >> i can speak as well. >> mass murder pills. >> cenk: now alex, i know it's unfair to edit it together. but you did say those things. i enjoy the english accent, but when you say the u.s. government is working about hollywood and the conspiracy to pretend we're zombies, mow us down and then do that on cnn, do you get why people think you're a little touched? >> yeah. i'm going to tell you again. the army and marine corp do
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drills where hundreds of role players dressed up in dallas cowboy jersey and john deere hats come towards them to shoot them. these are declassified. they said, look, we'll call it zombies and say it's a joke. they're practicing in real drills not a joke, to mow down citizens, and you always dehumanize someone the jews, others, before you kill them. you say that they're not human. they're saying we're practiceing to mow down people in u.s. cities. all those things you editing it out 15 minutes on air. i said all that on purpose. i said all that to get people out of their transso they would hear the brutal truth. let me expand on this. when "jaws" came out in the 1970s on average i looked it
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up. there were five great white shark killings from australia to the west coast to the united states worldwide south africa, on average it's five. that movie made people not go swimming worldwide and killed half the business for two years. and some actuaries show people cut back going to the beach 10% 10percent percentpercent 30-plus years later. it's the same with the guns. to be killed with a semiautomatic in school is rare. it's still a terrible tragedy but they take it and project it. but when obama kills people with a drone, there is no crime. >> cenk: i get that. i think the drone program is hideous, and we talk about it all the time. jon stewart made a fair point. you're talking about imaginary
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problems like the shark problem. >> so this is what it is. their paranoid feel of a possible distopic future prevents us from addressing our actual distopic present. we cannot discuss the gung deaths that are happening every year because a few of us must remain vigilant begins the rise of a imaginary hitler. >> cenk: you're worried about the imagethe imaginary sharks. i don't want to say it in a dismissive way but you're talking about the government taking over when they haven't and we have real deaths. isn't that a fair point alex? >> no, it's not a fair point. they've taken the guns worldwide. in chicago and new york when they took the guns crime rates went up. the issue is humans at a
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primitive level. myself included. i recognize from the roman times to the founding of the nation, it was done to disarm a group that people were used to oppressing. the government has drones weapons, checkpoints 1.6 million bullets. it's a balance of power that we need the people armed and that's why the second amendment was put in place there. it's not for duck hunting. >> cenk: our disagreement is i think you take a kernel of truth which is goldman sachs has way too much power and it's the way we set up the system, and you're taking it to a huge jump forward and then saying that it's part of a conspiracy that hollywood is in on, and the government is on in. and 20 guys decided it. it's the structural--
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>> let me say this to your audience. i told people seven years ago because of a google press release that they had the patents and were using the cameras on your computers and the systems in your cell phone to have computers listen to you to build psychological algorithms. that was mainstream news two months ago. people are like, so what,. i was crazy 15 years ago to tell people they were taking baby's blood at birth to put it in a dna pentagon database. that was declassified three years ago. look how much we put up with, man. look how far it's gone. >> they also take the blood to make sure if you have disease later that you can help the baby. it's not a conspiracy. >> no, no, the the cover story was that we send it away to the health department, the cover was that. the hospital could have done it right there. i know. that's the cover. come out they put it in the database. they always have multi facetted
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reasons. listen, don't you have kids. >> cenk: yes, i do. >> deep down you know we're doing into tyranny and we're in trouble. if we don't recognize how tyranny works you go down hill slow for a while and then it drops. we're hitting the drop-off point. i believe everything i'm saying. i got the research to back this up, and i wish every day that i was wrong or that i was exaggerating to myself. nine times out of ten when i do research, it's worse than i said. >> cenk: look, it's a fascinating discussion we had. i think we're respectful towards one another. we got each other's points out. you can watch the whole thing on "the youngon we took it in two different parts but there is more to the interview and you can watch it in its entirety at i think in my opinion as i was saying there alex takes some legitimate points, the national
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defense authorization act is unconstitutional it does take away some citizens' rights to get a fair trial but it doesn't mean that it was 20 guys who had a secret plan all along to get the worldwide conspiracy hollywood, and they have the zombies in and we look like zombies and they dehumanize us. we have real problems with your government and i'm afraid whennal ex-goes--when alex goes on his rants it dismisses the actually points. he did interestingly admit interest that his effort at getting piers morgan sent out of the country was tongue in cheek and also doing it on purpose and being loud on purpose, which is interesting as well. when we come back we'll have a real conversation about the drone program in this country.
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and how we're using it abroad, and it is devastating. >> what we have documented is that drones kill not only terrorists, they kill many others. they kill civilians. they have killed women and (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show i'll talk to the funniest comedians of all time. of all time! mel brooks and carl reiner. and for once i won't even try to get a word in edgewise. enttvitch. we dropped the itch, you can too. maximum strength scalpicin® is not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch. drop the itch with scalpicin®.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right we're going to talk about the drone program as i said not against drone strikes but i'm against dumb drone strikes. we seem to have stepped up our drone strikes in pakistan, and also in yemen. we have done six strikes in the span of eight days. this is significantly increased from the past, and it was pretty heavy in the past as well.
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in fact, according to the bureau of investigative journalism. since 2002 our drone strikes have killed between 558 to 1119 civilians, that's not militants and 204 to 350 have been children. the person who is known as mr. drone is john brennan so what does he get? of course, a promotion. he's now being considered for the head of the c.i.a. in fact, he has been nominated by president obama. now when he was asked about drone strikes earlier, here's part of what he had to say. >> we may also use force isn't with our inherent rights of national self defense. there is nothing in international law that bans the use of remotely piloted aircraft for this purpose or prohibits us from using lethal force against our enemies outside an active battlefield. at least when the country
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involved consents or is unable for unwilling to take action against the threat. >> cenk: right, but what will signature strikes where we don't even know who we're killing or killing u.s. citizens without due process. that was not addressed. he did talk more at. >> if we want to others nations to use them responsibly we must use them responsibly. if we want other nations to adhere to high standard then we must do so as well. we cannot expect from others what we won't do ourselves. >> cenk: that's very honest. senator widen on the senate select committee wrote a letter saying for the executive branch to claim that the intelligence agencies have the authority to knowingly kill american citizens but refuse to provide congress with any and all legal opinions
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that explain the executive branch's understanding of this authority represents an alarming and indefensible assertion of executive prerogative. they don't even tell us how they're using the program why they're using the program under what legal basis they use the program. that's senator ron widen among others. now one of the people who have been telling us about the drone program. you went to pakistan to cover the drone strikes what is john brennon he's promotion here. >> i think tragic could be the best word to think of. this is the man who didn't get the job previously because of what he was involved with in terms of torture in the bush administration. now he's being nominated by the obama administration. i think it's an opportunity for
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us all to raise hell about the issue and demand that the senate in the confirmation hearings ask him questions about the program. >> cenk: i suspect senator widen will have some objections. i suspect and then we'll be done. we'll get massively outvoted. what does that tell us about the state of the democratic party when the democratic president takes a guy considered so loathsome that he could not nominate to be head of the c.i.a. in 2009 because of torture-related issues, now nominates him and will get the democratic party to go along with it. >> i think it's an indication of why partisan politics has its limitations and why it's important that people who care fundfundamentalfundamentally about issues be and we should have learned from the lgbt community there is one
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way that government responds, that is pressure. when people talked to me and said please tell obama this, please tell obama that. the notion that we have that kind of power is only a little bit misleading, but on the security issue it does not make sense. >> cenk: i think it does. i think it does, and i'll tell you why and this is controversial. but i think we want to create more people who are going to fight us because it is a way for defense contractors to get more wars to make more money. otherwise it makes no sense at all. every scholar every person looking at this issue says, what are you doing? when you kill innocent civilians you're creating more people who are going to fight us. i think a lot of defense contractors look at it and go, exactly. >> i don't know if i can go that dark. >> cenk: that's zero dark thirty
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thirty. >> yes, certainly it's a horrific policy. for brennan to go on a clip and say there are no civilian casualties, that was three weeks after one of the worst drone attacks where over 45 people were killed sitting out in public that clearly weren't terrorists. >> cenk: i don't think interest there is a smoke-filled room where they're laughing, no. but that guess to that conclusion. we'll have more warfare and it will lead to greater wars and people will profit off of that. what is it? why does obama live to that when there is that pressure? why does he listen to it. okay you're right let's do another drone strike on people we don't even know who they are it's a signature strike. >> what have they done? are they innocent?
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>> cenk: right. >> my entire family are shrinks father mother, brother sister-in-law, i'm not in that business but on the sheer fax talk to those in pack pakistan. this does not make us safer. >> cenk: it's amazing. if you don't believe us now. it will change your mind, you will a he see the actual victims, etc. thank you another story that has my blood going, aaron swartz started an rss feed. killed himself why? the government has insane lynn inproportional charges against him. >> they tell you where on the internet where you want to go. it's not only certain people have a license to speak. now everyone has a license to
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>> a 26-year-old aaron swartz was found in his brooklyn apartment. the medical examiner said he hanged himself. he was facing a federal trial on accusations that he stole scientific journals from an mit computer archive. >> cenk: one point that is not entirely accurate is he had legal access to those archives. the government charged him with violating the terms of service with that contract. they claimed that was a felony. he was facing 50 years in prison which is unbelievable. now there are people throughout the internet and the politico sphere saying that the prosecution of aaron swartz was unbelievable and ridiculous. here is a blog post that is a website for the person who wrote it from the cato institute.
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the government seems to have lost all sense of proportion here and the apparent legal theory behind the government's case that using a website in a manner that violates it's terms of use constitution felony computer hacking could serious unintended consequences. do you know the government now was charging him with up to, as i said, 50 years in jail? you get less time in jail for assaulting a supreme court justice, threatening the president. snowingly spreading a.i.d.s. selling child pornography bank robbery and armed bank robbery manslaughter selling slaves and helping al-qaeda. they would get less than what aaron swartz because of multiple counts. i had previewed him on the online show before. he was a decent guy who wanted to do right. he made money off of reddit and he wanted to use it for good
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purpose. this was my interview with him. >> speaking of printing money did that work out for you? >> it worked out now my job is to make sure that it trickles down to other people. i feel like i got a lucky break. right now there are millions of people who have not been so fortunate. >> cenk: how old are you aaron. >> i'm 23. >> cenk: he was 6 when he took his own life because our government just had to get him on this so important charge. let's bring in carl fogel he's in chicago and works on open source projects. carl, talk to me about this case why is it so serious that he face 50 years in prison? >> i was glad to hear your outrage in your introduction. for the government why is this serious? the government is made of
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legislators who right now largely answer to the copyright monopoly lobby which is very powerful, they run hollywood the music industry that's why we have extreme penalties for copyright. it should be a civil matter and not a criminal penalty. >> cenk: that's amazing. in this case they say he violated terms of service with jay store. and so you know it was academic papers. it's not like he was going to make money off this thing. it's academic papers. you would have to be an idiot or a liar to think this was a money making scam. it obviously wasn't. so they say they didn't want a criminal prosecution. they didn't even go after him civilly. why is the government so insistent on getting a guy like
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aaron swartz when the company didn't even want him. >> it's a classic example of the prosecutor wanting to make an example of someone. aaron would take a plea deal they would put him away for a couple of years and they would be able to say look, we're prosecutor quote/unquote copyright theft which is a ridiculous term, but they used the term stealing and theft throughout the representation of the case. that would look good. it would be good for the prosecutors' careers perhaps to even think that that represents justice. what they didn't understand was that aaron wasn't going to accept any plea deal that had him calling himself guilty or being labeled a felon. they were backed into this corner of their own making where they had to threaten him with 35 years in jail and $1 million in fines for something that the alleged victims weren't even interested in prosecuting.
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>> cenk: when you ask the government about it, they say no, we can't. here is richard downing he said removing parts of the law could make it difficult or impossible to deter and punish serious threats from malicious insiders. this law that they're using against aaron, they can't modify it in anyway, but to me, karl, it seems mental. who doesn't violate terms of service. that could apply to almost every single person in the audience. one person was prosecuted because they created a fake account on my space. that's a felony? >> i agree with you. it's ridiculous and it's interesting if there weren't specific examples of the horrendous things that would result from that quote that you just read. the reason why there aren't any expanse becauseexamples because you can't think of any. what these laws do is outsource criminal law to private none
8:56 pm
negotiated contracts. you got a website facebook or whatever with terms of service. they have an alcohol team of lawyers who put it together. it's a thousand pages long. no one can read it. >> cenk: it gives corporations even more power. we have to leave it right there. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for appreciating the importance of aaron's work. >> cenk: i have one last note on that i really want to s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s and good luck. ♪ [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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